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By focusing only on personal injury cases, the skilled car accident solicitors at Brisbane Compensation Lawyers Group can give each case the time and attention needed to get the best possible results. Keeping the focus on personal injury cases also allows them to personalize the experience for every client and make sure each client is guided effortlessly through the claims process.

Experienced Litigation

At Brisbane Compensation Lawyers Group, the aggressive personal injury lawyers in our group have extensive experience litigating complex personal injury cases. They have handled cases involving spinal cord injury, dog bites, and brain injuries. They have also handled cases stemming from car accidents, pedestrian accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, and slip and fall accidents.

Types of Compensation

If you have suffered a serious injury and are in need of trustworthy legal representation, look no further. The ethical car accident solicitors at Compensation Lawyers Group in Brisbane have a proven record of success, and have secured large settlements for injury expenses and other types of accident-related damages. When you put your case in the expert hands of a personal injury lawyer in our group, you can rest assured they will not stop until you have received maximum financial compensation for:

  • Medical costs – doctor visits, surgeries, medical equipment, physical therapy
  • Travel expenses – related to medical treatment and therapy
  • Lost earnings – past, current, and future
  • Emotional distress – resulting from physical injury
  • Physical pain – related to injury

Fighting for Clients’ Legal Rights

Please note: the personal injury lawyers at Brisbane Compensation Lawyers Group do not represent big businesses or insurance companies. They only represent individuals, and will fight for victim’s legal rights during appeals and hearings with opposing lawyers. Utilizing partnerships with medical, forensic, and investigation experts, the car accident solicitors we work with can help victims prove their innocence.

Aggressive Representation

Would you like to learn more about the experienced personal injury solicitors at Brisbane Compensation Lawyers Group? Call them today at +61 7 3067 0687 and they will arrange a time to meet with you in private to discuss your potential case. In addition to providing information about your legal rights, the car accident lawyers in our group may be able to tell you how much your case is worth. You can count on them to:

  • Provide aggressive legal representation
  • Take your case to trial if negotiations have stalled
  • Keep you updated on the status of your case
  • Carefully consider your physical, emotional, and financial needs
  • Represent you on a no win, no fee basis

Don’t Wait to Call

To learn what your legal rights are after being injured in an accident, do not wait to call a dedicated personal injury lawyer at Compensation Lawyers Group in Brisbane. They can be reached by phone at (07) 3067 0687. You only have a short amount of time to pursue compensation for injury damages, so don’t wait to call.