Frequently Asked Questions on Brisbane Car Accident Lawyers Group

Q. Why choose Car Accident Lawyers Group in Brisbane?

A. The experienced personal injury solicitors at Brisbane Compensation Lawyers Group have the legal skill and knowledge needed to litigate complex injury cases. They have helped many individuals in Brisbane and the surrounding areas get money for the many expenses related to a severe injury. Examples of the types of damages the aggressive car accident lawyers in our group have obtained large settlements for, include:

  • Doctor visits
  • Rehabilitation
  • Surgeries
  • Public and private hospitalization
  • Lost earnings from taking time off work
  • Shortened life expectancy
  • Pain and suffering

Q. What types of cases do the personal injury solicitors at Brisbane Compensation Lawyers Group handle?

A. The ethical personal injury lawyers at Compensation Lawyers Group in Brisbane handle cases involving severe injury caused by preventable accidents or incidents. They have fought tirelessly for clients injured in truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, car accidents, pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents, dog bite incidents, and slip and fall accidents. The car accident solicitors in our group have experience representing clients suffering from almost any type of injury, including head injuries, back injuries, amputation injuries, neck injuries, bone fracture injuries, spinal cord injuries, internal organ injuries, and burn injuries.

Q. Can I wait to file a claim?

A. No! Per law, victims only have three years from the date the injury happened to seek compensation for damages. Three years can pass quickly in the court system. If a victim tries to collect compensation after the time allowed expires, they will not be allowed to file a lawsuit. Do not wait till the time allowed has passed and you are denied the ability to obtain financial compensation. Contact a dedicated personal injury lawyer at Brisbane Compensation Lawyers Group right now!

Q. How much will I have to pay when my case is settled?

A. When your case is settled, the aggressive car accident solicitors At Compensation Lawyers Group in Brisbane will collect a percentage of the settlement awarded. They will gladly explain their fees during the initial consultation, which won’t cost you a thing. An ethical personal injury lawyer in our group can also explain our no win, no fee guarantee at the initial meeting. Call (07) 3067 0687 today to make an appointment for a free case consultation.

Q. I was injured at work. Can your law group help me?

A. Yes! At Brisbane Compensation Lawyers Group, the personal injury solicitors we work with have extensive experience handling workers’ compensation and WorkCover claims. They have a thorough understanding of how the WorkCover claims process works and can assist you with every step of the process to ensure you get much needed benefits. The sooner you reach out and call a caring car accident lawyer in our group, the sooner we can get you on the road to recovery (if a full recovery is possible). Reach us at (07) 3067 0687.