Pedestrian Accidents Lawyer in Brisbane

Brisbane Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

All motor vehicle drivers have a responsibility to “give way” to pedestrians. However, when the responsibility to give way is violated, a person walking or jogging can suffer horrific injuries after being hit by a car. Sadly, many pedestrians struck by a vehicle suffer fatal injuries. According to Queensland government statistics, more than 32 pedestrians were tragically killed in 2011.

Pedestrian Accident Solicitor in Brisbane

If you were hit by a car, truck, motorcycle or bus while crossing the street, talk to an aggressive pedestrian accident solicitor at Brisbane Compensation Lawyers Group as soon as possible. They can prevent you from being victimized twice. Sadly, many insurance companies will try to place the blame on a pedestrian to avoid fulfilling their obligations. You can rest assured the experienced pedestrian accident lawyers we work with won’t let intimidating insurance agents put blame on you. They will employ the best in investigation and forensics to prove you were harmed through no fault of your own.

Pedestrian Accident Lawyers in Brisbane

Unlike many large law firms, the ethical pedestrian accident solicitors at Brisbane Compensation Lawyers Group won’t treat your case like a number. They will work closely with you and your medical team to gain a clear understanding of how your injuries have and will continue to affect you. Having a better understanding of your injury needs will allow them to pursue a settlement worthy of your injury needs.

The dedicated pedestrian accident lawyers at Compensation Lawyers Group in Brisbane have represented clients suffering from all types of injuries, including brain injuries, back injuries, bone fractures, burn injuries, spinal cord injuries, and amputation injuries.

Pedestrian Accident Solicitors in Brisbane

After being injured in a pedestrian accident, you have three years from the date of the injury to file a claim. Three years may seem like a lot of time, but the claims process can be complex and should never be rushed. Every day, the dedicated pedestrian accident solicitors at Brisbane Compensation Lawyers Group talk to victims who waited too long to take legal action and now, are unable to get help for injury damages. If you do not want to lose your ability to collect financial compensation for injury expenses, call our office today at (07) 3067 0687. A caring pedestrian accident lawyer in our group can get you on the right legal path in the time allowed by the state.

Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Brisbane

If you think the cost of quality representation is beyond your financial abilities, you are mistaken. At Brisbane Compensation Lawyers Group, every aggressive pedestrian accident solicitor we work with won’t ask for any fees until you have received a settlement. You won’t be charged for the initial consultation either. There is no time to waste, so call our law group now at (07) 3067 0687.