Workers Compensation Lawyer in Brisbane

Brisbane Workers Compensation Lawyers

Almost any type of injury or illness can be sustained on the job; however, the risk of being injured in a workplace accident is higher for certain occupations. Some of the most hazardous jobs in Australia are related to the industries of commercial fishing, commercial transportation, construction, farming, mining, defense force, and tree lopping. According to Safework Australia, over the course of a year more than 531,000 workers were injured while at work. The frequency rate of injury claims submitted was significantly higher for those employed in the fishing, forestry, and agriculture industries.

Workers Compensation Solicitor in Brisbane

After suffering a serious injury in a work related accident, you would be well advices to seek the counsel of an aggressive workers’ compensation lawyer at Brisbane Compensation Lawyers Group. It’s likely this is the first time you’ve submitted a claim to get benefits and the process can be daunting for the inexperienced. If they haven’t already, a representative from your employer or their insurance carrier will contact you. Please do not feel pressured to give them any information about your accident and do not sign any documents they give you. Unfortunately, your employer and their insurance carrier may use unethical tactics to prevent paying you the benefits you deserve.

Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Brisbane

A skilled workers’ compensation solicitor at Brisbane Compensation Lawyers Group will protect your right to full and fair benefits. Well aware of the tactics frequently used by employers and insurance carriers, they will be ready to dismantle any question of innocence to prove you were injured through no fault of your own. Even if your claim was rejected or ended abruptly, the workers’ compensation lawyers we work with will carefully review your claim to determine if they can overcome rejected or prematurely ended benefits.

Workers’ Compensation Solicitors in Brisbane

Why hire a worker’s compensation solicitor? An ethical workers’ compensation lawyer at Compensation Lawyers Group in Brisbane will be your advocate during a time when you need it most. They have successfully handled workers’ compensation claims in Brisbane for many years and can help you:

  • Gain a complete understanding of your legal rights, the claims process, and the deadlines you are under
  • Gather, prepare, and submit required paperwork
  • Meet claim deadlines
  • Get the medical care you need and deserve
  • Fight for your legal rights at appeals and hearings

Workers Compensation Lawyer in Brisbane

If you were injured at work and have not filed a claim to obtain benefits or have received a letter notifying you of denied or ceased benefits, contact an aggressive worker’s compensation solicitor at Compensation Lawyers Group in Brisbane immediately. The timelines governing claim submission and appeals are very short. Don’t throw away your one chance to get benefits for injury expenses. Pick up the phone and call a dedicated workers’ compensation lawyer in our group right away. No matter what the circumstances of your work related injury, they are here to help. Request a free consultation by calling (07) 3067 0687. No win, no fees guarantee.